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Heat/Cold Resist. Cable

  • Silicone Wire
  • Fluoro-Polymer Wire
  • High Temp. Wire
  • Xlpe Wire
  • Glass Fiber Wire
  • Polyester Fiber Wire
  • Multi- Layer Shield Cable

WireSilicone Rubber Insulated Polyester Fiber Braided Wire


Model SRPW
Used microwave high-voltage-use transformer, gas stove, and burner
Structure ① Conductor ② Silicone rubber ③ Synthetic fiber ④ Heat resistant coating
Excellent in heat & cold resistance, chemical resistance, insulation, and flexibility





  • A wire composed of silicone rubber insulation and glass(synthectic) fiber
  • Used for microwave oven, high voltage transformer, etc.


  • Temperature range : 200℃
  • Voltage : 7.5KV (Peak 15KV) / 10KV (Peak 25KV)
  • Passing grade test for fire retardant, mechanical strength, and electrical characteristics according to UL standard


  • Excellent in high voltage application in narrow space
  • Excellent oil and chemical resistance, oxidative resistance, rupture stress resistance and environmental stress crack resistance
  • Easy to connect devices in narrow and high temperatures with great flexibility

C-UL Certification Approved

  • File No. : E131290
  • Reference : UL 758, 1581, 94
Style No. Rating AWG No. Insulation
Volt.(V) Temp.(℃)
3479 7.5kV(peak 15kV) 200 22-12 0.76 0.15±0.05
3304 10kV(peak 25kV) 200 22-12 0.76 0.15±0.05

Note : Test Voltage of Water : 10kV~12kV, Insulation : Min·100MΩ/20°C

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