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Heat/Cold Resist. Cable

  • Silicone Wire
  • Fluoro-Polymer Wire
  • High Temp. Wire
  • Xlpe Wire
  • Glass Fiber Wire
  • Polyester Fiber Wire
  • Multi- Layer Shield Cable

WireSilicone Rubber or Fluoro-polymer Insulated Braid Shield Wire


Used Transmission of signal precisely measured and temperature sensor
Structure ① Conductor ② Silicone rubber or Fluoro-polymer ③ Copper or Glass fiber braid ④ Silicone rubber




  • A wire designed in multi-structure for insulation protection and electromagnetic shielding and grounding


  • Temperature range : -60℃~200℃
  • Voltage : 300 - 600V
  • Passing grade test for fire retardant, mechanical strength, and electrical characteristics according to UL standard


  • Excellent heat resistance, electrical isolation, flexibility, UV ultraviolet resistance, and ozone resistance and electrical shielding
  • Through multiple cladding structural design, mechanical strength and shock resistance are excellent.
  • Applicable to all industries including home appliances, office equipment, internal wiring of high-temperature equipment, transmission of precise measurement signals, temperature sensors, etc.

C-UL Certification Approved

  • File No. : E131290
  • Reference : UL 758, 1581, 94
Style No. Rating AWG No. Insulation
Core Type
Volt.(V) Temp.(℃)
3977 300 200 Labled or complying with manufacturer's AWM Procedure 0.38 Single Core
3978 600 200 0.76
4609 300 200 0.38 Multi Core
4610 600 200 0.76

Note : The Wires to be applied to core can be selected from Bo Sung Silicon's C-UL Certified Products.(Refer to P14)

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