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Shipboard Cable

  • Shipboard Engine Control Cable
  • SHF2 Halgenfree Shipboard Cable
  • SiHF Cable
  • SiF High strength-voltage Cable

Shipboard CableShipboard Engine Fire-Flame retardant Control Cable


Used Various device wiring within shipboard, such as Engine, Fuel, Lighting, Sensor and Gauge part
Structure ① Conductor ② Insulation ③ Filler ④ Drain wire ⑤ Copper braid ⑥ Jacket




  • A signal transmission wire to control ships engine and applied to various equipment lines in ships
  • Excellent mechanical strength, and heat, oil, Ozone and chemical resistance, making it suitable for harsh environmental conditions


  • Voltage : 300V - 500V
  • Passing grade test for fire retardant, mechanical strength, and electrical characteristics according to IEC standard


  • Excellent heat resistance, flame retardant and self-combustibility, passed as the highest grade A for flame residual test
  • Highly resistance to oil, fuel and chemical 
  • Extremely good mechanical strength, electrical insulation and electromagnetic shielding

Marine shipboard control cable approved by 9 countries



Technical Data

Number of cores Range of cross section
2~20 cores 0.75㎟
2~7 cores 1.0~1.5㎟
2~3 cores 2.0~2.5㎟
Usage Voltage 300/500V
IEC Standards IEC60092-350 Design Guideline
IEC 60811-2 Ozone Resistance
IEC 60092-360 Material
Used Temperature 150℃ ~ 200℃
Temperature Range -50℃ ~ 200℃

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